This is our ANTARCTIC MONKEY shelf-life bait which is the same amaizing recipe as our freezer bait but stabilized with the smallest amount of human food grade preservative. ANTARTIC MONKEY consists of the finest blend of fishmeals, birdfoods, krill meals and of course one of the greatest carp attractors of all time ROBIN RED. Antarctic monkey has a great texture alongside a complex (fish) liquid profile that makes this bait extremely morish which is a small part of whythis bait has been so succesful accross the UK and EUROPE. carp just can't get enough of it. Take a browse through our Facebook and instagram page to see the mind blowing track record this bait already has.


    * this bait has caught some HUGE carp, the biggest to date is an 88lb common*

    • Caring for your baits*

      To make sure your shelf-life baits stay in the best possible condition. Always store them in a cool, dark cupboard or container. Keep out of direct sunlight