This is our CHUNKY MONKEY freezer bait Which is packed full of attractors that continues to leak of in the coolest of temperatures. Rolled from a blend of HNV powders, birdfoods, nut meals and milk powders makes this product very soluble, crumbly and easily digestible throughout the cooler months which is just a small part of why this bait is so successful. Take a browse through our Facebook page to see the mind blowing track record this bait already has.

    • Caring for your products

      Here at Baitmonkey we pride ourselves on producing and supplying the freshest baits possible. All of our freezer baits are rolled FRESH TO ORDER and not taken from a stock pile that could have been sitting around for some time. Caring for your baits couldnt br more simple... once you have recieved your order simply put the in the freezer, if you will be storing an amount for a period of time we have found that keeping your bags of frozen baits wrapped in card board or a few layers of brown paper will help reduce freezer burn.