Here they are... The TRAP-UPS, Developed in conjunction with one of our team members (@carptrapper on instagram) who wanted to share a proven and trusted flavour combo's with you all. So after sharing some info, we combined it with our bait making knowledge and access to the finest of ingredients. From that moment we set about creating samples for testing to make sure all was working as it should, after many hours on the bank across the uk and europe we found the batch that continued to tick all the boxes (LOTS OF CARP). Now this mouth watering fruity blend of liquids and powders is on a base of our ever bouyant pop-up mix, that we then took one step further by boosting it with a sensational amount of both soluble and visual attractors to create a high leakage flavour trail that carp can not resist.
    Mk1 TRAP-UPS in vibrant yellow, with a luxurious old school creamy/ exotic fruit flavour.
    Mk2 TRAP-UPS in a fire orange colour, with a mouth watering combination of classic berry and summer fruit flavours and taste palatents.